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Jensen Ackles: Face.

(TCA 2014 x

For Mel, cheer up 

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”[…] we’ve got Misha fully contracted now, and I couldn’t be more excited. Personally I think it’s something we probably could’ve done a couple years ago, because I think [him and Mark] are integral to the story and to the boys moving forward.” -Jensen Ackles

"I love seeing the brothers interact with other characters, especially Misha and Mark (who are both great actors and I would never say that in front of them and if you quote me I’ll deny it). Their characters are so fledged out and so wonderful. […] they were just so good and such a crucial part of our show, that it became obvious to the WB and CW that we needed these guys. They’re an integral part of the show. Let’s thank them for all the hard work they’ve done and show our commitment to them by having them around all year. […] if we lost Misha or Mark, it would be a huge detriment to our show. So I’m glad we made that commitment to them and are having them stick around.” -Jared Padalecki

"Beyond the [appeal of the Winchester] boys and their chemistry, [Cas] is the biggest reason that this show has lasted." -Jeremy Carver

"I think [having Misha and Mark as regulars] will change it for the good. We’ve got them each for a few more episodes than we have before so now we have the opportunity to give them a few more stories of their own." -Jeremy Carver

"Jensen and I hinted for months that we were going to play merciless pranks on Misha. But when it came time to carry most of them out, we realized that we care about him too much and want to see him succeed." -Jared Padalecki


Anonymous asked:
While I knew you meant the kittie, when first reading your post I was like "WHAT? What happened to Jimmy? You bastard, how you!" because my stupid, stupid brain thinks all the Jimmies are Jimmy Novak. Yeah, no more spn for me.

It’s ok anon, his name is Jimmy Novak too uwu (I’ve yelled “JIMMY NOVAK YOU SON OF A BITCH” a few times when he does stupid shit)
He does need a middle name though.

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Oh by the way Jimmy was castrated earlier today. 
My mom posted pictures of him on facebook a while later she said he was trying to stand up but couldn’t because of the anesthesia. Also they can’t bring him this weekend ‘cause my cousin still has to check on him in a few days to make sure everything’s fine. But I just. I wanna see him. :(





"no homo" the teenage boy whispers as he pulls away from kissing his friend. he gently strokes the other males face "full bi" he adds in a sensuous tone.


I’m crying

can that be abbreviated FBI?


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Amazing    Dean is bisexual    SPN Text   





it bothers me that Kansas and Arkansas are not pronounced the same

I’m from the UK and I have been pronouncing Arkansas as Ar-Kansas my whole life

For all my non-american friends, Arkansas is pronounced ark-an-saw


catlicedickchester asked:
☼ ;)


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how did you find me? put an icon in my ask!


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Gahhh it’s 2am, I need to go to bed
I’ll answer asks and replies tomorrow
Goodnight little burritos

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